Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mac Masterclass @The Gibson Hotel Dublin

Mac Masterclass @The Gibson Hotel Dublin

Hey dolls, last week i attended a Mac Pro masterclass in the Gibson Hotel in the point village.
The masterclass was brought to use by the wonderful and uber talented senior artist Lesley K.
The class was all about contouring and highlighting which seems to be everywhere right now.
At the start of the class Lesley played a video montage of looks that inspire her work. It showcased an awesome slideshow of make up from old Hollywood glamour like Elizabeth Tailor right through to the 80s Dallas, then the naughties showing us Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell and finally, the queen of contouring Kim Kardashian.
We really got to see just how long sculpting and contouring has been around , it basically frames the face and highlights the cheek bones and jaw line, giving a really chiseled, skinny,  high fashion look.
Lesley started off the evening with a beautiful model with dark skin, this girl was unreal, she was so tall  beautiful she looked like she had stepped straight off a runway from London or Paris, Lesley prepped the skin with some new Mac moisturizer which is water based and looked more like a gel than a cream.
She then used a Dark mineralized loose powder which she buffed in to the skin with a tiny 224 brush, she placed it underneath the eyes and on the forehead.

Lesley really looked at where the natural light hit the models face and she used some strobe cream over these areas to really intensify and highlight these areas such as arms,  above the  cheek bones, colar bones and even on the hands ! The model looked camera ready -  radiant and glowing.
After that model Lesley moved on to model number two,  another stunning high fashion model with ceramic pale skin. These girls are so unusual, like gazelles, with their long limbs and striking features and faces, it was so professional and perfect i was totally in my element, i felt like i was in vogue wonderland :)

Anyway, back to the second model, this look was more wearable with a brown really smokey eye which was blended way up to the brow bone and even to the corners of the nose. It was unreal - i would have been terrified to do that before but will definitely  be trying it out very soon.
This look was focused on the Romantique trend, the eclectic lady who travels collecting ethnic jewels.

Lesley told us how she had done all of these looks at London Fashion week and i listened with bated breath as she told us all about the inspiration and mood of each show.

Lesley had the most fabulous, open, friendly personality. So down to earth and fun, letting us fire questions at her as she effortlessly sculpted the ladies.
I learned so many tips and new tricks that i am dying to try out, it was such a great evening, i was so inspired by everything.
Mac has been so helpful in my journey as an artist, from Lesley on the night, to the girlies on counter in Brown Thomas or Henry Street. It is an awesome brand with a great community and i think thats why us Irish ladies love it so much!.

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