Sunday, May 4, 2014


Ladies! this is the MOST AWESOME product if your always smudging your nail polish right after you have taken ages painting them! Yep we have all been there haven't we???

So I picked up this baby in the Hair and Beauty supply I go to called Capital Hair and Beauty on the Richmond Road near Fairview.
It was a total impulse buy that has made a huge difference to my beauty kit!
Ok so I used it and it literally is touch dry in about 5 mins, now obviously you cannot go rooting in your handbag after straight away but it for sure speeds up the drying time by more than half!
It also provides such a shiny glossy top coat to the point where people keep asking did I get a Gel manicure.
This is a fantastic Top Coat :)      NO MORE SMUDGING!

Also available on
Price €10.00

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